Our Quality

We are pleased to offer dried brewer’s yeast of saccharomyces cerevisiae strain.

Our yeast is extracted from a by-product of beer production – yeast slurry. Our application of drum-dryer process our yeast is rich in highly digestible proteins, amino acids, microelements as well as vitamins.

Our yeast powder is the optimal bacterial protein for livestock, poultry, and aquaculture. It is rich in 18 types of amino acid, vitamin B complex, organic microelement and minerals. No pollution, no residue, no toxic and side effects, it is an all-natural, green, and highly effective protein feed raw material.

Physical properties: it’s yellow or yellow brown powder with yeast’s unique fragrance,

Main composition: quality complete protein, vitamin B complex, microelement and growth stimulating factor product.


Name Unit Content
General protein % 40-46 Lysine g/kg 30,50
Humidity % 7,0 ± 1,0 Methionine g/kg 5,80
Raw fat % max 0,5 Threonine g/kg 21,50
Raw ash % avg.6-7; max 8 Tryptophan g/kg 5,60
Raw fibre % max 1,5 Cystine g/kg 4,40
Vitamin B mg/kg 15,10 Leucine g/kg 30,00
Vitamin A unit/kg 14 000 Isoleucine g/kg 20,70
Vitamin E mg/kg 9,50 Valine g/kg 25,70
Ash not soluble in HCl g/kg 3,2 Histidine g/kg 10,70
Calcium Ca g/kg 3,20 Arginine g/kg 19,90
Sodium Na mg/kg 232 Serine g/kg 21,90
Phosphorus P g/kg 11,50 Alanine g/kg 21,20
Potassium K g/kg 17,00 Phenylalanine g/kg 18,90
Iron Fe mg/kg 69,70 Tyrosin g/kg 12,90
Copper Cu mg/kg 1,48 Glycin g/kg 16,10
Magnesium Mg mg/kg 1,94
Manganese Mn mg/kg 4,68 FEED YEAST
Zink Zn mg/kg 64,00 Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain
Selenium Se mg/kg 0,15
Fluorine F mg/kg 10,90 Production method Drum Dried
Glutamic acid g/kg 56,00 Form Powder
Aspartic acid g/kg 40,10 Colour From Beige to Light brown
Metabolic energy for poultry – 12,5 MJ/kg
Metabolic energy for swine flock – 14,5 MJ/kg
Metabolic energy for cattle – 11,5 MJ/kg
Packages 25 kgs/bag
Jumbo bags 700/1000 kgs/bag